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We believe that astrology is not about esoterics and psychology, but rather an applied risk management tool. Here's why:

Over thousands of years of its history, astrology has been developed as an applied science for predicting events.

Astrologers have always forecasted events not out of curiosity, but to prepare for them in advance.

By making choices, astrologers could foresee the consequences in advance.

What sets our course apart from other astrology schools?

Effective Forecasting Techniques

The accuracy of the forecasts we teach exceeds 90%. It's not just a simple "yes" or "no," but a detailed description of the future events' timing and sequence. And these aren't just words. You can see open examples of such forecasts on our YouTube channel.

Highly Structured Curriculum

We've been developing and enhancing this course for almost 11 years. It's the most comprehensive horary astrology course on the internet. No fluff or esoterics, just the dry logic of crystal-clear prediction. Take a look below and see for yourself

No Prior Astrology Knowledge Required

You don't need to be an astrologer or know anything about astrology. The course is designed for beginners. And even if you're already familiar with astrology, you'll discover it anew in our course—you'll learn things others simply don't teach.

Numbers and Facts About Our Course

International Recognition

The short version of our course (Horary Astrology. Make your 1st Forecast in Under 2 Hours) ranked in the top 10 astrology courses according to the educational platform Udemy in the "Astrology" section.

Rating Agency Evaluation

According to the assessment by the international rating agency CouseMarks.com, our English-language course is in the Top 2% of all existing astrology courses, with a rating of 9.7 out of 10 (as of January 2022). The rating took into account the engagement of 770 students from around the world, 148 reviews, 18 behavioral factors, content research, and its quality.

15% of Our Graduates in Russia

...have become prominent media astrologers and recipients of the "Astrologer of the Year" title, or have established their own astrology schools in Russia. Among them are Vera Khubelashvili, Kristina Ragovik, Tata Agabekyan, Elvira Dubina, Pavel Dementyev, and many others.

Meet Your Instructor

Alexey Borealis. A professional astrologer, author of books and textbooks on astrology. Regularly published in international astrological publications. He is the editor of AstroWiki.

Teaches astrology in several languages. Has a scientific education.


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When you purchase this course today, you receive premium (full access) to all features of the horary chart construction and analysis program..

  • The vast majority of practicing horary astrologers in Russia use this program.
  • It not only casts the charts but also analyzes them. The program calculates clients' hidden motives, computes rare types of receptions, collections, separations of light, constructs long-term aspects, and performs many other astrological wonders.
  • Licensed in Switzerland. We are its developers and also hold a license (#475471 issued on 06.05.19 by ASTRODIENST AG, Zurich, Switzerland) to use the most accurate calculation algorithms.
  • As precise as NASA. The program uses calculation methods from the US aerospace agency. It's the most accurate astrological solution you can imagine.
  • Supports cloud storage and has an adaptive multilanguage user-friendly interface.
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  • Course 1. Make Your 1st Forecast In Under 2 Hours
  • Welcone to the course Preview
  • What is horary astrology
  • A horary chart
  • Terminology
  • The list of techniques
  • Algorythm
  • House rulership
  • House meaning (part 1, 2)
  • Essential dignity Preview
  • Essential debility
  • Sign's properties
  • Receptions (part 1, 2)
  • Final prediction
  • Result and next steps
  • Course 2. Make 4 accurate forecasts in 1 hour
  • Welcome to the course Preview
  • Derived houses
  • Alternative lords
  • Natural rulership
  • Aspects Preview
  • Exact and close aspects
  • Types of aspects
  • Fixed stars
  • Timing technique
  • Past aspects
  • Course 3. How to Know a Client’s Deep Concern Before He Even Says a Word
  • Welcome to the course Preview
  • Group field Preview
  • Unconscious and chart Preview
  • Arabian Parts
  • Highlights (p1, 2)
  • Practice
  • Antiscia
  • Signification techniques & wrapping up
  • Course 4. Aspects and Timing
  • Ephemeris
  • Indirect aspect (part 1, 2)
  • Three ways to predict events Preview
  • Real-life example
  • Symbolic timing in exact aspects
  • Simbolic timing in ingressions
  • Practice (part 1, 2)
  • Course 5. Accidental Strengthening
  • Position in the House
  • Lunar Nodes
  • Short Examples
  • Combustion
  • Station of the Planet
  • Retrograde Motion
  • Close Aspects and Receptions
  • Affliction/Strengthening of the House
  • The Position of a Planet Relative to Luminaries
  • A Planet Void of Course
  • The Elevated Planet
  • Course 5. Special Forecasting Techniques
  • Death Questions
  • Search Horaries
  • Relationship Questions
  • Examples 1-6
  • Refutation of Modern Astrologers’ Arguments against Accurate Forecasting
  • The Main Principles of Predictive Astrology

Here's what our happy students say


5 stars rating

Because the explanations were to the point and easy to understand. I am very glad I took this class!!! I could already see how learning this could be life changing. Thank YOU for offering your wisdom!!!

Elizabeth Tornillo

5 stars rating

This has been a wonderful course, very well explained!!! It's true that after this course you'll know how to make predictions! Thank you very much! Highly recommended!

Alan Salmi

5 stars rating

The course is clearing up a lot of confusion that I had in the past since there is so many techniques. This is extremely valuable. I feel like I can find late breakthrough to understanding this art after trying for a long time

Chinawatt Amnueypol

5 stars rating

This is great – the structure of the course is very coherent. Instructors gives crystal clear explanation.


5 stars rating

Excellent! The knowledge is summarized categorically! Highly reccomend!

Diana Silva

5 stars rating

Perfectly explained, step by step. Wonderful technique, very accurate.. I was really surprised with the results. Thank you.

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