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Ordinary situation

When analyzing horary charts, an astrologer has to perform the same actions - choose significators, calculate transmissions and collections of light, and evaluate radicality.

But it might be different

What if the program does all these routine calculations for you? Just imagine how much time you will free up and how you will increase your efficiency.

Artificial intelligence analyzes horary charts

The program independently calculates which astrological houses the chart highlights. These houses show what the actual subject of the question is. It not only provides a detailed report with explanations but also visually highlights the areas of life that concern the querent at the moment.

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The program calculates various types of receptions and collections of light. It encompasses both future and past aspects. Additionally, you will receive visual representations of these aspects along with comments.

When you click on a cell in the aspect table, the program immediately shows you information about the future aspect between the selected planets.

For example, you might see that the Moon, 13º ago, collected light from Venus to transfer it to Jupiter. However, on the way, the Moon encountered Saturn (about 10 degrees ago). Saturn here acts as a prohibitor (highlighted in red) and prevents the Moon from completing the transfer of light from Venus to Jupiter.

The program is equipped with a powerful module for calculating medical horaries, which are well described in the books of O. Hoffman.

Take a look at an example of this module below. The program identifies candidates for disease planets according to strict astrological rules. Then, for each candidate, it finds corresponding symptoms if they are highlighted at least twice. This saves a lot of time in analyzing medical horaries.

Additionally, the program calculates excess humor, provides recommendations for treatment methods, and calculates the proportions of corresponding herbs and minerals.

The program supports dark themes, is fully responsive, and includes automatic translations for multiple languages.

Extra Features

  • Conjunctions and oppositions by antiscia
  • Conjunctions of significators and house cusps with fixed stars and higher planets
  • Symptoms of desease description

Cloud Storage

  • Secure storage and instant access to your charts from anywhere
  • Quick search and filtering
  • Easy commenting and categorizing by topics


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  • Events analysis
  • No medical charts
  • No electional charts
  • Support by Email
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  • Events analysis
  • Naturopathy analysis
  • Time election charts
  • Priority Email support
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Base analysis (querent's motives, dinities, receptions, fixed stars, Arabian parts)
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Symptoms of deseases (significators analysis and selection)
Astrohealing (selection of minerals in proportions, analysis of the causes of diseases, recommendations)