Astroprocessor "Morinus"

For making predictions based on a natal chart

Who is this program for?
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What Does It Do?

Calculates primary directions

Assigns promittors and significators in both direct and converse directions according to Morinus' method

Calculates mundane aspects on the Morinus aspect circle (an enhanced version of the Bianchini plane).

Provides full 3D visualization.

Calculates and visualizes horoscopes in 3D, from simple coordinates like right ascension and declination to complex ones like oblique ascension on the position circle.

Visualizes everything possible - from house grids to direction arcs to position circles. The 3D image can be rotated in space.

Constructs directions from revolution charts.

Constructs solar, lunar, mercur etc. returns, for any year of the native's life.

Then applies primary directions from revolution charts, displaying the movement of zodiac circle points as promittors to selected significators.

Who is This Program For?

It is for those who practice Morinus' methods

It is an indispensable tool for performing complex prognostic calculations as done by 17th-century astrologers. This program is completely useless for modern astro-psychologists.

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