Alexey Borealis

Professional Astrologer

Meet Alexey (Alexey) Borealis, the founder of this school of astrology. He often goes by the pseudonym Mark Rusborn, under which he has authored numerous books.

Alexey is recognized for his contributions to the field through books, textbooks, and scholarly articles [1-6], as well as his role as one of the editors at AstroWiki. Over the years, he has spearheaded the curriculum at this astrology school, specializing in precise event forecasting – an area often deemed implausible in astrological circles.

Contrary to the belief that astrology lacks precision in predictions, Alexey is on a mission to demonstrate otherwise. His approach to astrology is firmly rooted in the scientific approach planted during his early years dedicated to science.

Below is brief information about his background and astrological activities.

Scientific background

  • Graduate of Kolmogorov Physics and Mathematics School,
  • Former physicist with a master's degree from the Physics Faculty of MSU,
  • He pursued his PhD at the Australian National University in the early 2000s under the supervision of Jeff Bicknell, having passed the candidate minimum in Russia externally. Brian Schmidt [7] provided invaluable assistance with the move to Australia.
  • He holds two prestigious scholarships (G. Soros and Vice-Chancellor of Australia [8]).

Astrological education

  • Graduate of John Frawley's School of Astrology with the QHС—Qualified Horary Craftsman,
  • Graduate of Robert Zoller's School of Astrology with the title of CMA, Certified in Medieval Astrology,

Psychological education

  • He has a Diploma in psychology with a specialization in Erickson's hypnosis,
  • He participated in a three-year process-oriented psychotherapy training program (PWI, Zurich, Switzerland) and short-term qualification programs in clinical and therapeutic hypnosis and neurobiology.

Despite his psychology background, Alexey discontinued his psychological practice, deeming it incompatible with his work as a predictive astrologer.

Main Astrological Activities

  • Alexey has shifted focus from direct client consultations to mentoring astrologers and knowledge dissemination,
  • Occasionally provides expert commentary to journalists, challenging conventional astrological perspectives,
  • Advocates for the revival of forgotten techniques rather than creating new ones, often translating ancient texts and examining their efficacy.

Alexey critically evaluates ancient and contemporary astrological claims until he finds empirical support for effective forecasting techniques, which become integral to the school's curriculum.

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