Princess Diana: Death Prediction by Primary Directions

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Princess Diana's death

May 8, 2024, 11:53 a.m. Alexey Borealis 26 min. to read

In this article, I will show how to determine the date of death using the example of Princess Diana's horoscope. Recently, I have been studying the works of Morinus very closely, so I want to demonstrate his techniques of primary directions in action.

Many astrologers discussed the death of Princess Diana because it is simply not visible in the horoscope if you approach predictions with modern astrology techniques.

If we are honest about our astrology, her death is not especially obvious by our conventional timing measures.. Geoffrey Cornelius, "The Moment of Astrology"

The task of this article is to demonstrate the work of ancient techniques of primary directions that allow you to see the timing and circumstances of future events.


Who Can Bring Death in a Natal Chart?

Morinus in his works introduces the concept of planet determination by the house. A planet begins to express the matters of a house (i.e., becomes conditioned or determined by the house) if

  1. It is in the house
  2. It rules the house
  3. It aspects the planet in the house or the house's cusp
  4. It disposes of the ruler of the house or the planet inside the house

The planet's position in the house has the highest priority. Read more in the article "What is the terrestrial state of the planet."

Any of the planets, conditioned by the 8th house of death, can cease life in primary directions if it has sufficient killing potential.

Planets Determined by the 8th House

Mars in Diana's Horoscope

01.07.1961, 19:45:00 +0100 0º E 30', 52º N 50' REGIOMNT. a 23º 03' s 13º 03' s 29º 03' d 18º 24' f 22º 44' h 16º 50' j 23º 03' k 13º 03' k 29º 03' l 18º 24' v 22º 44' c 16º 50' IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII I II III Q 09º f 40' W 25º x 02' E 03º f 12' R R 24º s 24' T 01º h 39' Y 05º x 06' R U 27º v 49' R < 03º g 47'
Princess Diana's Horoscope

Inside the 8th house of Diana's horoscope, there is Mars. It is a natural malefic. As it is known, any malefic planet in an unfavorable house increases the evil of that house, according to its nature. And Mars, by its nature, shows violence and wounds. So, as you see, it coincides with the accidental meaning of Mars as a planet of death (since Mars is in the 8th house).

At the intersection of natural and accidental meanings, the natural malefic Mars becomes an effective expresser of violent death. Mercury, the 9th and 7th house's ruler, disposits Mars in Diana's horoscope.

The dispositor of Mars is essential. Any planet partially expresses itself through its dispositor. You can read it as "what the planet signifies occurs against the background of what its dispositor shows."

Against what background does Diana's violent death manifest itself? It acts against the 7th and 9th houses matters - romantic relationships and travels. Therefore, death will occur against the background of a love affair and a journey.

It is especially true because Mars is also closely linked to Mercury by aspect. The fact that Mercury is also connected to the Sun further clarifies the circumstances of death.

The Sun in the 7th house shows a person of royal blood, not fame, gold, or other Solar things. Why? Because as the natural ruler, the Sun shows everything successful, high status, or royal blood. And on the other hand, it is located in the 7th house of people, namely partners.

At the intersection of these meanings, the Sun will show noble people in Diana's life, and they will be different depending on the period of her life. In one period, it will be the husband of royal blood; in another period, influential partners; and in the third, prestigious lovers.

Without going into details, we can say that Mars indicates violent death that will occur in the context of a relationship with an influential partner.

Other Candidates for Killing Planets

Morinus wrote about the so-called accidental meaning of houses. A planet inside a house takes on the meaning of the opposite house. Thus, a planet in the 11th house can indicate children and, in the second - death.

We have several planets in the second house - Saturn, Jupiter, and the Moon. Each of them is strong in matters of death in its way.


Saturn itself is a natural significator of death, which is very consonant with the 8th house, and at the same time, it is in the second house, accidentally signifying the end. The 8th house twice determines it.

But Saturn itself is in an excellent essential state - in its domicile. A trine from the dignified Venus also supports it. So a natural malefic Saturn in Diana's horoscope becomes an accidentally beneficial planet. This Saturn is inclined not to kill but to save from death or at least make it easier.

However, Saturn's opposition can harm. The degree of the opposition falls into Saturn's exile, creating a destructive "vortex" inside the 8th house.

So Saturn is not suitable as a life-cutter, but its opposition is.

The Moon

The 8th house twice determines the Moon. Firstly, the Moon rules it. Secondly, the Moon is in the opposite place, which accidentally shows death. But there is a problem with the Moon - it is not naturally associated with death, and it is a natural benefic, supported by the reception from dignified Venus. So, the Moon itself has too little evil to cause violent death.

But the dexter square of the Moon falls into the 25th degree of Scorpio - in close contact with the 12th house and its place of exile. Such a degree can already become a promittor of death, although not the brightest, since the Moon itself is still full of nobility.


Jupiter is determined thrice by the 8th house. First, it is in a 2nd house that accidentally signifies death. It is under the dominion of Saturn, which is associated with death, as shown above. Moreover, Jupiter rules the 8th house by exaltation. Jupiter is much closer to the cusp of the 2nd house (accidental house of death) than the Moon, so its connection with death is much stronger.

Jupiter is natural benefic, so it is not a good candidate for a killing pint of the horoscope. Moreover, it conjuncts the noble star Altair. However, its opposition is quite destructive.

  • First, places opposite the degrees of noble stars have the opposite nature, according to Morinus. Thus, the place opposite the degree of the Jupiter-Altair conjunction is destructive.
  • Secondly, the degree of Jupiter's opposition conjuncts the degree of Saturn's opposition, which can cease life.

The Winner - Who Will Show Death in Diana's Chart?

The opposition of Jupiter and the opposition of Saturn are fighting each other for the right to become the cutter of the princess's life (in addition to Mars). Both of these planets are retrograde, and their speeds are comparable, as is their position relative to the luminaries. They are approximately equally close to the plane of the equator.

We can say that both of these oppositions are possible candidates for the promittor of death. The Moon, as well as its dexter quadrature, lose this race.

Planets Determined By the 1st House

Death in directions should hit the native's life. So we need to introduce a point in the horoscope that indicates the life of Princess Diana. It can be either the degree of the Ascendant or the planet determined by the 1st house. So let's find these bright planets that indicate the native's life.

Which planets are determined by the 1st house? There are no planets inside the 1st house, but there are planets in the opposite house. These are Mercury and the Sun. Moreover, Mercury is more determined by the house since it is closer to the cusp. The next possible candidate for the planet of life is the ruler of the 1st, Jupiter.

Thus, we have three possible planets that indicate the life of the princess in order of importance:

  • Mercury
  • The Sun
  • Jupiter

Which Directions Can Bring Death?

Directions Involving Mars

Mars can bring death simply by approaching the place of the horoscope that denotes life. As a planet, Mars can be both a significator and a promittor of death.

  • In the first case, the significators of life will be, in order of significance, Mercury/Sun/Jupiter.
  • In the second case, the significators of life will be the Ascendant and the same three planets.

Then, the possible killing directions are:

  • Mercury/Sun/Jupiter directed toward Mars
  • Mars directed towards Mercury/Sun/Jupiter or the Ascendant

P.S. When I write "planet A directed towards planet B", I mean "the promittor directed toward a significator" in the primary direction.

Directions involving Saturn's opposition

The degree of the aspect can only participate in directions as a significator. Therefore, Saturn's opposition towards Mercury/Sun/Jupiter or the Ascendant is the only possible direction.

Directions involving Jupiter's opposition

These directions are similar to the previous ones, except we cannot direct Jupiter's opposition toward Jupiter. This is because two planets participate in directions, not one. Thus, the possible directions are:

  • Jupiter's opposition directed towards Mercury/Sun/Jupiter or the Ascendant.

The Strongest Directions

Of course, we will first consider the most vital directions. These are the directions:

  • Mercury to Mars or Mars to Mercury/Ascendant
  • Saturn's opposition to Mercury
  • Jupiter's opposition to Mercury

We have 5 of the brightest dates when death can occur.

Signs of Early Departure

I must say that Diana's chart indicates a premature death, namely:

  • Jupiter rules both the 1st and 8th houses by exaltation (and simultaneously is in the place of accidental death).
  • Diana's life planets (Mercury and the Sun) are in the domain of the 8th house ruler and in close aspect with it.
  • Both planets are in close contact with Mars, the significator of violent death.

It is clear that if a native's life is so closely tied to the threat of death, the likelihood of reaching old age decreases sharply. It means that the killing directions in old age are unlikely.

P.S. It is also worth noting that the early death of Diana is well seen in the horoscope of her son Prince William:

21.06.1982, 21:03:00 +0100 0º W 12', 51º N 32' REGIOMNT. a 00º 21' s 02º 26' s 20º 53' d 06º 44' d 27º 26' g 06º 10' j 00º 21' k 02º 26' k 20º 53' l 06º 44' l 27º 26' x 06º 10' III IV V VI VII VIII IX X XI XII I II Q 00º f 06' W 04º f 58' E 08º d 58' R 25º s 40' T 09º j 12' Y 00º k 29' R U 15º j 30' S < 02º v 18'
The horoscope of Prince William

The planet that can indicate the mother in the horoscope of a son is either Venus or the Moon. Venus is the ruler of the 4th house of parents, so it shows Princess Diana in the horoscope of her son.

On the other hand, Venus is in the 5th house. According to Morinus, a planet in a house takes on the accidental significance of the opposite house. In particular, a planet in the 5th house indicates the affairs of the 11th house of Prince William.

Thus, Venus simultaneously indicates both the native's mother and the affairs of the 11th house.

It is known that the 11th house indicates the parents' death (as the 8th from the 4th). Thus, Venus simultaneously signifies Diana's life and her death in her son's horoscope.

  • When a planet combines two opposite meanings of life and death, it indicates early departure.
  • Moreover, Venus is in conjunction with Algol, the killing star.

So without a doubt, we have clear indications of Princess Diana's early departure.


Thus, we have only three prominent directions and possible dates of death:

  • Mercury to Mars - 55 years old, January 2017
  • Saturn's opposition to Mercury - 30 years old, November 1991
  • Jupiter's opposition to Mercury - 36 years old, August 1997

Astrologers should inspect each of these dates by clarifying forecasting techniques (like revolutions), which goes beyond the scope of this article.

And even now, we can point to the most prominent direction (thanks to Martin Gansten for pointing this out). Usually, the significant events in life are shown by a bunch of directions of the same meaning.

Have a look at these two directions:

Two consequent directions
Two consequent directions

The second one has a square of the Sun as a promittor. The Sun rules the central part of the 8th house. Its square produces moderate evil. But once this square falls into the domicile of Mars, violent death, this degree begins representing death. The square of the Sun is not such a prominent promittor of death as the opposition of Jupiter. Still, the fact that both directions come together increases the chances of death in that particular period.

This direction stands out from others in its geometry. Morinus wrote that if two points have a close declination, then they merge into one point in the direction. Look at the movement of the opposition of Jupiter (the yellow point, close to the Pars Fortunae) towards Mercury. The second end of the red line, indicating the direction in the figure below, actually coincides with the position of Mercury. When the yellow point (the promittor) reaches Mercury, the promittor and significator will coincide.

A 3D view of the killing direction
A 3D view of the killing direction

So we have the most probable date - August-Sentember of 1997, and the general circumstances of a death - violent death against the background of a distant trip with a status partner.

Checking the Event in the Son's Horoscope

Sometimes parents' death can be well-tracked in the horoscopes of their children. Let's have a look at William's chart:

  • Saturn is itself a natural significator of death.
  • In William's chart, Saturn is determined by the 8th house of his mother since it conjuncts its ruler, Mars.
  • Saturn is highly dignified and unlikely to cause death. Still, its opposition becomes quite deadly as it falls into the place of Saturn's exile and in the unfavorable 12th house of the mother. The degree of opposition holds the mother's death potential.

In August of 1997, this degree directs to the 4th house cusp - the derived ascendant of Princess Diana in her son's horoscope. It entirely coincides with the timeframe established above.

Final Forecast

We applied directions independently and came to the same result. The event of Diana occurs in August 1997. It will be a violent death against the background of a distant trip with a status partner.

Diana died in a car accident on tour with her billionaire boyfriend on 31st of August 1997, precisely when the killing direction fired.

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