What is the Solar Return Chart?

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Solar Return Chart

May 8, 2024, 2:28 p.m. Alexey Borealis 5 min. to read

Solar return, or solar, is a chart cast on the moment the Sun returns to the same position as it was at the time of your birth chart. Astrologers use it together with other forecasting techniques to predict events.


What is a Solar Return Chart?

If you look at the position of the Sun on the zodiacal circle (sign and degree) on the day of your next birthday, it will be almost the same as in your birth chart.

But the position of the Sun will be slightly different from the original position (the one that was at the moment of your birth).

If you mentally rewind or fast forward time, at some point, the position of the Sun will coincide precisely with the original.

This moment signifies the solar return and the position of the planets in the sky is the solar return chart (or solar horoscope). You can create a solar return chart on any online service. I will list them below.

How does Solar Return Work: Explanation in Simple Words

Astrologers believe that when a planet returns to the same place where it was at birth, it "refreshes" its virtue. And this virtue can either agree or disagree with the original state of the planet in your horoscope.

Confirmation or Rejection of the Horoscope's Promises

Suppose the Sun in your natal chart portends many children. This Sun's action lasts for your entire life. It does not mean that you will have children every year of your life. It means that you will have more than one child in your life.

There are specific periods when the Sun actualizes its significance. And in the corresponding period, you will have a child. The solar return chart is precisely an indicator of such a period.

If the Sun in the solar return chart shows a child vividly, it coincides with the original promise of the Sun. The solar return confirms the significance of the Sun (i.e., children) in this period. The solar return lasts one year. It means you will have a baby within a year (until the next solar return). If the Sun in the solar return chart shows something else, such as money, illness, or legal disputes with relatives, it doesn't fulfill its promise to children this year.

Clarification of the circumstances of the event

Imagine that the Sun represents career growth and great fame in your horoscope. At the age of 45, in your solar return chart, the Sun once again illustrates fame and success. It means that at 45, the Sun fulfills its natal promise - this year will bring you fame and success.

  • If the Sun in the solar return chart is in close contact with the planet, indicating your friends, you will achieve fame with the support of your friends.
  • But if the Sun is in contact with a malefic planet indicating enemies, your fame will be notoriety due to public scandals and trials.

Thus, we can not only predict the year of the event as indicated in the natal chart but also specify the event's details.

Forecasting in multiple areas of life

The Sun is the central luminary, to which other planets are "subordinate." It means that other planets partially update their states when the Sun updates its virtue in the solar return chart. It sets the solar return chart apart from the returns of other celestial bodies. If we were to build a Saturn return chart, for example, we would only be interested in the updated state of Saturn - whether it confirms the original meaning of Saturn in the horoscope or not.

But in the case of the solar return chart, we can also consider the updated states of not only the Sun but also other planets. The lunar return chart (i.e., the horoscope cast at the moment of the Moon's return to its natal position) has the same exclusivity. In the lunar return chart, we also look at the updated meanings of all planets, not just the Moon.

The place of the Solar Return Chart in the Hierarchy of Predictive Techniques

This section will be attractive to practicing astrologers.

The birth horoscope is the most evident imprint of fate. It contains all the potentially possible life events and remains active during the person's life. However, the horoscope does not indicate either time or sequence of events.

The first forecasting technique is primary directions. Directions set the potential for future events inherent in the horoscope with an accuracy of several months, sometimes up to 1-2 years. It is clear that if the horoscope promises childlessness, the conceiving direction will never realize because the natal figure contains the primary potential for all future events, and nothing can rewrite it. Therefore, the primary directions can only confirm or reject something already kept in the chart.

This is the essence of the hierarchy of methods - the subsequent technique only rejects or confirms the promise of the previous one, narrowing the time interval when the event will occur. When all the techniques in the hierarchy indicate the same possibility inherent in the horoscope, this potential manifest on the specified day and hour.

Following the hierarchy of techniques in astrology, the solar chart comes after the directions, and it clarifies whether the event promised by the directions for the current year will occur. For example, if the horoscope and the directions promise children, but the solar chart does not confirm it, the promised event will not happen. However, it is still possible that the directions may fulfill their promise in 1-2 years when a suitable (confirming) solar return figure appears in the sky. Of course, the delayed event will happen if directions of opposing meanings do not overwrite the previous directions in the following 1-2 years.

Even if the solar chart only partially confirms the indications of the directions, the lunar chart may guarantee the event. For example, the directions promise fame and success in the age range of 45-47 years. The solar chart does not forbid fame or success at age 46 but does not confirm the fame promised by the natal chart. Instead, it shows small local achievements at work. However, a lunar return chart for October of the 46th year of life can show bright indications of fame. It means great fame will come at 45, specifically in October.

The lowest-level technique in the hierarchy is the so-called "transits of planets." Transits only specify the exact day of the event that should occur during the period established by primary directions, solar, and lunar return chars, in agreement with the natal chart promises.

Can the Solar Chart be Considered Separately from Other Predictive Techniques?

As seen from the previous paragraph, there must be an agreement between all predictive techniques to realize an event. Thus, if the solar chart predicts children's birth and the natal chart allows for children, but no direction promises conception during this period, such a solar chart will not bring anything.

Relocation and Solar Return Chart

One of the remarkable aspects of astrology is that the solar horoscope is constructed not for the place of birth but for the person's location. Thus, by meeting the solar chart (once a year) and the lunar chart (once every 28 days) in a new place, one can change the solar and lunar charts.

According to ancient astrologers, this artificial relocation can easily cancel the events planned for that year. Astrologers try this way to artificially ward off misfortune and attract good luck into one's life. However, relocation has a minimal effect. And here's why:

  1. If there is a prohibition on money in the horoscope, then by changing the meeting place of the solar return, you will not be able to overwrite the horoscope promises due to the hierarchy of techniques (see the paragraph above). That is, relocation can only attract something into your life which already kept in your horoscope, and it cannot attract something which is missing.
  2. The context of life has the highest priority over the horoscope. If a person is wanted internationally, changing the solar return meeting within one day will not cancel the "red note." Not all threats can be eliminated by relocation.
  3. The directions may promise negative and positive events in the same year. By avoiding minor troubles that year, a person can lose great opportunities, or by chasing success through relocation, a person can "invite" a great disaster.

Therefore, relocation is only sometimes needed - it is like surfing between the context of real life, the promises of the natal chart, primary directions, and solar return chars. And to calculate the correct time and place for realizing great success or avoiding great evil, which the horoscope portends, it is necessary to know the technique of primary directions, which is unfamiliar to most astrologers.

Services for Casting a Solar Return Chart Online

Finally, as promised, here is a list of the services for casting solar charts.

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